Brief Introduction of Cooperation
Golden Dragon R & D team used its own drive-by-wire technology and Apollo provided hardware and software support, successfully completed the Golden Dragon bus tracking automatic driving integration within a week.
Technological Advantage

Efficient Cooperation

Complete code and efficient cooperation allow developers to complete a tracking car in three days.

Precise Control

The centimeter-level ability of precise positioning and control allow two cars to track in the same and closed road site without sensor.

Stable security

Complete, stable and efficient code ensure the rapid integration and safety of vehicles.

Cooperation Details
Cooperation Details
Commercial vehicle giant's first automatic driving experience: Golden Dragon complete automatic driving modification within a week.

After the opening of Apollo 1.0 for the first time at the Baidu AI Developers Conference on July 5, 2017, Apollo was enthusiastically pursued by all walks of life. Developers were eager to go, and Apollo took over the first rank of trend rapidly on GitHub.

The developers of Golden Dragon R & D team, relying on their own infrastructural technology of vehicle, completed the drive-by-wire modification under the Apollo architecture, and with hardware support and open source code of Apollo, completed the Golden Dragon bus tracking automatic driving integration within a week. With the support of the Apollo team, the Jinlong Bus has been able to achieve the driving experience of automatic tracking and smooth control experience. The success of this research and development indicates that Apollo Open Platform expands its field of use cross type of vehicle, showing Apollo’s strong ability to empower and the broad prospects for applications in the field of commercial vehicles.

Application Scenarios
Transport vehicles can track a fixed route of transportation in a closed factory area.