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Brief Introduction of Cooperation
Dongfeng Yueda KIA has launched the first domestic new smart car carring Baidu DuerOS intelligent voice interactive solution ——New e-generation Forte, which can realize vehicle control with voice, and has intelligent Q&A ability, and also can provide zero distance experience of futuristic "smart carlife".
Technological Advantage

Voice ability

DuerOS has the industry-leading high recognition rate in strong noise vehicular environment; At the same time, it has the world's first emotional speech synthesis system, which can communicate better with people emotionally.

Semantic ability

It has the powerful intelligent interpretation ability and anthropomorphic answering ability, covering more than 70 kinds of demand scenarios and supporting several rounds of man-machine conversations, so we can say it not only has the advantage of being " considerate", but also can realize "answering fluently"

Image recognition

It has the industry- leading image recognition advantage, with face verification accuracy up to 99.77%, and can be used in face recognition payment, fatigue driving monitoring and other fields.

Cooperation Details
Details for cooperation case
Introduction to cooperation case on DuerOS between Apollo and Dongfeng Yueda KIA

Dongfeng Yueda KIA is first mass-produced brand carrying Baidu DuerOS. For the KIA models in this exhibition, Baidu gives the abilities of voice interaction, voice vehicle control, intelligent Q&A, etc., which are based on natural voice and semantic.

DuerOS, a Baidu conversational artificial intelligence system, has various functions, such as excellent voice recognition, semantic recognition, map and cloud service, and it has become the best choice to make the hardware intelligent in this industry.

In the Auto Show, Xu Yongming, the general manager of Business Division of Baidu Internet of Vehicles, maked a detailed description on advantages of Baidu Internet of Vehicles in voice ability, semantic ability, image recognition, face recognition, map navigation, personalized features, etc., and also explained Apollo's mission and vision. Referring to the deep cooperation with Dongfeng Yueda KIA, he said, " KIA has powerful strength in automotive engineering and has many best-selling star models. Baidu Apollo platform is striving to make commercial landing cooperation with KIA and other well-known automobile enterprises, and hopes to promote further popularization of smart mass-produced vehicles through in-depth cooperation between both sides”.

Application Scenarios
It can be applied to voice interaction of the driving scenes