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Apollo Cyber RT framework

The first open source high performance runtime framework designed for autonomous driving.

At the Pinnacle of Autonomous Driving Technologies

The Apollo Cyber RT framework is the world’s first open-source, high-performance runtime framework designed specifically for the development of autonomous driving technologies. It was introduced for the first time with the release of the Apollo 3.5 open source platform.
The introduction of the Apollo Project in July 2017 marked a quantum leap in the evolution of the automotive industry by giving developers access to an extensive set of tools and software modules to innovate and build self-driving solutions.
Over the last 2 years, the platform evolved at an extraordinarily fast pace to enable breakthrough advancements from closed venue autonomous driving to autonomous driving on simple urban roads and highways. The Apollo Cyber RT framework as part of the Apollo 3.5 release marks one of the most significant evolutions of the Apollo platform to date.

The Most Advanced Open Source Runtime framework for Autonomous Driving Ever Created

Since by its very nature, self-driving technology can run into unexpected situations and challenging scenarios, developers need a robust framework with high performance computing to support and manage the complex tasks of urban driving. The Apollo Cyber RT framework offers that very solution.
At the basis of the architecture lies a set of components with predefined inputs and outputs. Each component contains a specific algorithm module built to process a set of data inputs and generate a set of outputs. The Apollo Cyber RT framework is built on top of these components. It extracts the dependencies from the components and links all of them together using a DAG dependency graph.
At runtime, the framework takes the predefined components described above and combines them with fused data from the sensors to create lightweight user-level tasks. Each task is then scheduled based on resource availability and task priorities and executed as optimized threads.
The Apollo Cyber RT is designed as a centralized and parallel computing model, enabling high concurrency of task execution, low latency and high throughput. It is the result of years of building a framework that answers the highest performance requirements of autonomous driving solutions.

Unparalleled Efficiency for Accelerated Development

The revolutionary technology behind the Apollo Cyber RT framework offers optimized data processing and communication out-of-the-box. The stand-alone framework comes with a well-defined task interface and efficient data fusion enabling developers to move directly to building their top-layer solutions.
This interface combined with a vast array of development tools and pre-integrated sensor drivers allows developers to build autonomous driving system faster and without compromising performance or brand trust.

Adaptive Design for Simpler Deployment

The Apollo Cyber RT framework makes the deployment of applications much simpler thanks to a flexible and integrated system design with minimum dependencies.
The adaptive communication capabilities of the framework allows for high data throughput while the user-level scheduler with resource awareness enables the centralized computing model to perform at the highest level. The scheduler is also highly configurable to adapt to any type of self-driving application and provide developers with the highest level of flexibility.
Autonomous driving solutions built on the Apollo Cyber RT framework benefit from the highest level of performance without requiring heavy and complicated deployment.

A Robust Framework Built To Empower Your Autonomous Driving Solutions

The Apollo Cyber RT is a self-contained, open-source framework that comes with building blocks created specifically for autonomous driving modules and applications. Planning, Control, Perception, Localization and HMI integrate seamlessly on top of the Apollo Cyber RT framework. They provide developers with standardized out-of-the-box top-level modules they can integrate to their system to get their solution off-the-ground in no time.
This plug-and-play architecture also gives developers the ability to integrate their own AV software modules to work on top of the Apollo Cyber RT framework, or in combination with the Apollo building blocks.
The unique design of the Apollo Cyber RT framework lets developers integrate, test and iterate on their autonomous driving solutions quickly and efficiently, while the advanced and constantly upgraded algorithms empower them to do their best work.

A Global Platform to Create the Future of Autonomous Driving

The Apollo Cyber RT framework was built with seamless implementation in mind, with multiple intelligent systems working together to optimize the autonomous driving development experience. It uses the expertise of the Apollo team combined with the power of open-source technology to offer you the most advanced open framework currently available. As such, it will continue to set the precedent of conquering some of the most complex and difficult challenges of autonomous driving technology.