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Founded by the Baidu's project Apollo, the RMB equity investment fund focuses on the automotive industry and the field of autonomous driving.

Apollo Fund will seek synergies between Baidu’s technology and startups’unique strength, help Apollo extend the reach and impact on the industry chain, and grasp the investment opportunity during the time of technology innovation.

Activate The Ecosystem
Hardware Suppliers
LiDARs, camera solutions, SoCs, etc.
Industry Players
OEM, TaaS, vertical industry service providers, etc.
Data Providers
HDMap, simulations, etc.
Software&, Algoritms, Solutions Developers
Boost The Innovation
Our 2billion fund is working in high-speed mode
Several deals have been already closed since July 5th, when Baidu announced its joint venture with Yangtze River Industry.

Apollo fund will complete more than 100 projects worth over 10 billion.

Enable The Startups
Apollo will open code or ability such as perception, planning, control and prediction, and provide a complete set of toolkits.
Apollo will provide a complete set of software, hardware and service systems, including vehicle/hardware/software platforms, and cloud services
With more than 50 partners, Apollo's eco partners alliance is the world's most comprehensive autonomous driving ecosystem currently.

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