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Opening 7 core capabilities of AI and becoming your in-vehicle smart assistant to understand you, read you, attract you and safeguard you.

Product Overview
Voice & Semanteme
listening | companion | entertainment | service
It has the industry-leading voice recognition capability even under the in-vehicle high noise scenario, covering 150+ application scenarios and satisfying various in-vehicle demands and personalized services.
Multi-round dialog
Supports more than 5 rounds of Q&A
Precise voice wake-up
By wake-up words, wakes up sleeping devices and enables them into stand-by mode
Noise-canceling matrix
Maintains high wake-up rate and high recognition rate in high-noise and open-window expressway scenario
Emotional expression
Users can choose preferred vocal TTS to realize emotional communications
Face Identification
face-swiping boarding | personalized configuration | bio-antitheft
Based on Baidu’s professional deep-learning and mass-data drills, DuerOS for Apollo has industry-leading face identification technology with millisecond-class response speed and accuracy rate of face identification up to 99.77%.
Face-swiping boarding
Realizes the true keyless boarding
Igniting personalization
Based on authentication after face identification, personalized settings and content services can be ignited at once
Identifies the vehicle owner based on antitheft function of authentication
Fatigue Driving
detecting | reminding | take-over play video
Based on deep-learning algorism and face identification technologies, it uses visual behavior detection, vehicle status detection and extraction of multi-modal features to deduce the status of fatigue, then to give alarm for reminding, active and smart safeguards to drivers and passengers.
Fatigue recognition modal
The world first face recognition technology approved by FDDB
Machine adaptive learning & predictive ability
The industry-leading machine adaptive learning and predictive ability can effectively solve individual differences, getting more precise with more frequent usage, and allowing system to know you more
Adaptive capacity for complex environments
Uses HD infrared cameras to realize detecting and monitoring for fatigue features in complex environments
Flexible match & high expansibility
Completely cover API of driver image features, provide reliable and easy-to-use SDK adaptive to various terminal access demands
AR Navigation
virtual & realistic | immersive
Based on research and development of driving navigating engine, alongside with AR, image processing, and map-navigating technology, it realizes AR navigation in realistic scenario.
Technological superiority
AR route-absorb, smooth processing for sensor data, route matching, AR routing
High security
The integration of virtuality and reality improves driving safety
Experience upgrade
More perceptual, more precise and timelier compared with conventional navigations
remote vehicle control | entertaining contents sync
Realizing remote vehicle control at home, syncing user preference and contents continued broadcasting.
Loudspeaker remote vehicle control
Engine warm-up, air conditioner switch-on, oil amount check, power check, light switch-on, window status check, etc.
Contents continued broadcasting
Continues to broadcast home contents in vehicles
Multi-protection to safeguard the driving Details
Apollo offers comprehensive security framework and system components to prevent vehicles from network intrusions and safeguard user privacy as well as vehicle cyber security.
Application and system level 4-layer defense
By detecting OS abnormalities, it prevents unauthorized application installation to protect private data, stops suspicious applications from sending contents to protect infotainment and vehicular gateways.
Vehicular network level 3-layer defense
Deployed on gateways, it detects dangerous instructions in network behaviors and suspicious network activities to stop hacker attack
Hardware bottomed defense
Hardware-level security ensures vehicle network, system and control instructions reliable and trusted from the ignition
Cloud servies
Visualized cloud platform provides security detection services and detects any abnormalities and to process. Secured OTA kits make sure upgrade secure and reliable
Personalized recommendation engine
Smart-learning each owner’s preference in order to customize personalized services and contents
Personalized setting
According to owner’s habits such as accustomed settings of seat, rear-view mirror and air-con, to provide scheduling between mobile phones and vehicles, maintenance tips, and driver care when in fatigue driving
Personalized contents
Relying on Baidu’s mass data, knowledge graph, user portrait, global POI, AI algorism and deep-learning technology to promote customized news and audio contents to each owner
Personalized services
To fully understand user preference and behavior such as favourite movie types, food choices and places of interests
Open Cooperation
Thank you for your attention to DuerOS for Apollo, we offer our partners the one-stop access process, technical consulting supports and all-around high quality services. Please see the cooperation process as below to acquire relevant information
Understanding DuerOS for Apollo
You can know voice, semanteme, map, image, face recognition, fatigue monitoring, cyber security and vehicle-home connection on official website.
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Building preliminary communication with you for business cooperation
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Proposal communication and contract signing
Once both product definition and technical proposals are confirmed, both parties will go into contract signing process.
Technical docs matching and technical supports
After signing contract, we will provide you technical requirement specifications and the personnel from departments of business development and technology will communicate with you and provide you relevant consulting services if you have any issues in product R&D procedure.
Product acceptance and mass production
We will conduct check & acceptance for products after the completion of technological development. Product will go into mass production after acceptance.
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