One-stop deployment, a direct upgrade from conventional vehicles to AI-enabled vehicles.

1. Baidu IOV OS Four Core Components: Head Unit, LCD Cluster, Streaming Mirror, In-car Robot Xiao Du;

2. Baidu IOV OS is an integrated system from hardware to cloud that provides full capabilities of data administration platform from bottomed OTA to cloud and realizes a complete one-stop solution delivery from fore-end user interface to core AI capabilities.


Baidu IOV OS offers 5 capabilities that enable automobile enterprises user-defined assemble for independent modules in order to fully meet diverse demands.

1. HMI Openness: self-defined system interface;

2. Application Openness: third-party application accessible as needed;

3. TSP Openness: supports self-owned cloud storage for user and vehicle data;

4. OTA Openness: self-defined OTA;

5. Account Openness: supports enterprise self-owned accounts.

Multi-mode interaction

Multi-mode interaction – from voice interaction to complete natural visual interactive experience, from passive response to active user demand perception.

1. Fatigue Driving Behavior Recognition;

2. Gesture Recognition;

3. Expression Recognition;

4. Head Movement Recognition.