One-stop deployment, a direct upgrade from conventional vehicles to AI-enabled vehicles.

1. Baidu IOV OS Five Core Components: Head Unit, LCD Cluster, Streaming Mirror, In-car Robot Xiao Du, Intelligent windshield.

2. Baidu IOV OS is an integrated system from hardware to cloud that provides full capabilities of data administration platform from bottomed OTA to cloud and realizes a complete one-stop solution delivery from fore-end user interface to core AI capabilities.


Baidu IOV OS offers 5 capabilities that enable automobile enterprises user-defined assemble for independent modules in order to fully meet diverse demands.

1. HMI Openness: self-defined system interface;

2. Application Openness: third-party application accessible as needed;

3. TSP Openness: supports self-owned cloud storage for user and vehicle data;

4. OTA Openness: self-defined OTA;

5. Account Openness: supports enterprise self-owned accounts.

Multi-mode interaction

Multi-mode interaction – from voice interaction to complete natural visual interactive experience, from passive response to active user demand perception.

1. Fatigue Driving Behavior Recognition;

2. Gesture Recognition;

3. Expression Recognition;

4. Head Movement Recognition.