Voice & Semantics

Listening, companionship, entertainment, service.

Industry-leading voice-identifying ability and analytical ability realize whole-voice operation, focusing on driving scenarios to greatly satisfy users’ various in-car demands & personalized services.

Functions & Superiorities:

1. Multi-round and interrupted dialogue: supports 5+ rounds of Q&As, interrupting dialogue at any moment;

2. Precise voice wake-up: wakes up sleeping devices and enables them into stand-by mode by using wake-up words;

3. Noise-cancelling matrix: high recognition ratio in highway & open-window scenarios;

4. Emotional express: selects preferred TTS to better communicate with people;

5. Personalized content recommendation: superior resources from Baidu and third parties, big data algorism recommendations and deep-learning technologies;

6. Powerful semantic capability covers 150+ scenarios;

7. One-stop demand fulfillment: onboard entertainment, life services, chat, Q&A, information services;

8. The first onboard semantic open platform in industry: one-key vertical category customization, zero-threshold quick boarding, visualization building, quick training modal, real-time experience effect, independent deployment, multi-conversation technology, and Baidu big data, etc;

9. Industry first quad sound zone identification, multi-mode vocal recognition.

Multi-mode interaction

Multi-mode interaction:Multi-mode interaction – from voice interaction to complete natural visual interactive experience, from passive response to active user demand perception.

Technical Superiorities:

1. Fatigue Driving Behavior Recognition;

2. Gesture Recognition;

3. Expression Recognition;

4. Head Movement Recognition.

Pilot Driving Monitoring

Detect, notify and take over.

Based on image deep learning technology and face recognition technology, it merges vehicle operating status and out-car environment perception to provide drivers with multi-mode solutions for driving security monitoring.

Technical Superiorities:

1. Fatigue recognition models: world first face recognition technology approved by FDDB;

2. Machine self-adaptive learning ability & prediction ability: helps to solve human body individual varieties such as thin, fat and skin colors;

3. Complex-environment adaptive ability: HD infrared camera satisfies detection and scanning of fatigue features in complex environments;

4. Flexible match & high scalability: completely cover API of driver’s image features, provide stable and easy-to-use SDK compatible with connection demands of various ends.

Onboard Cyber Security

cyber security brings customers and manufacturers new challenges. Apollo provides multi-layer security to safeguard drivers.

Multi-layer protections for safe driving, solid and reliable security solutions, security upgrade kits, intrusion detecting system + vehicular firewall, vehicular black box.

Functions & Superiorities:

1. Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS)

Safeguards the infotainment and telematics systems of vehicles by detecting system legitimacy, prevents malicious or unauthorized software installation, and also detects suspicious connections and attempted private data breaches.

2. Car FireWall

On-vehicle firewalls monitor all network communications, while detecting and preventing abnormal network behaviors and non-credible vehicle operating instructions from causing cyber security issues.

3. Secure OTA kits

Provides OTA updates securely and reliably while allowing only authorized and protected cloud data to reach the vehicle.

4. Black box

Apollo Black Box for Intelligent Vehicles is a product suite that includes both hardware and software.

1). Safe Storage Hardware

It can be easily integrated with intelligent vehicles to provide safe storage of large data sets through data compression, encryption processing and rapid transmission.

2). Data Reader Software

The data can be decrypted and read with a user-friendly interface. Through this, the data can be easily accessed to trace the root causes of events and improve product quality.