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Solutions for Vehicle Cyber Security
Apollo solutions cover the full life-cycle of a vehicle’s cyber security needs, in order to protect both consumers and manufactures from cyber security threats.
IDPS, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
Safeguards the infotainment and telematics systems of vehicles by detecting system legitimacy, prevents malicious or unauthorized software installation, and also detects suspicious connections and attempted private data breaches.

· APPLICATION DEFENDER: Blocks suspicious application installation and execution. Prevents system application to be compromised and removed

· SECURE BOOT: Make sure to boot using only software that is trusted by OEM

· ELEVATED PRIVILEGES DETECTION: Detects abnormal behavior of processes, threads, system configures etc

· PRIVACY PROTECTION: Denial of access to privacy data without user authorization

· SECURE COMMAND: Uses advanced heuristics to detect CAN message, identifies threat command

Car FireWall
On-vehicle firewalls monitor all network communications, while detecting and preventing abnormal network behaviors and non-credible vehicle operating instructions from causing cyber security issues.

· SUBNETS ISOLATION: Secure isolation between in-vehicle network and Internet

· ACCESS CONTROL: Access control based on IP/PORT/APP

· PROTOCOL FILTERING: Application Layer Security filtering based on protocol identification

· REAL-TIME BLOCKING: Detection, warning, blocking based on abnormal network traffic in real time

· SECURITY AUDIT: Log storage, security audit based on kernel driven technology

· POLICY MANAGEMENT: Support off-line policy configuration, easy to deploy

· KEY MANAGEMENT: Software or hardware level key secure storage

Secure OTA Kits

Provides OTA updates securely and reliably while allowing only authorized and protected cloud data to reach the vehicle.

· Support Android, Linux platforms, support python, java, C++ interface, support Android recovery mode

· Provide vehicle-side and server-side operation tools, user friendly, easy to operate, integrate and deploy

· Support two-way identity authentication of upgrade package, encryption and decryption of upgrade package, anti-downgrade, tamper-resistant, device authentication, and invalidation mechanism for token

· Support business data secure transportation, regardless of channel security such as TLS

· Support cutting large size upgrade package into reasonable size to verification, reduce memory consumption and save the hardware cost

· Support OTA updating and USB off-line updating

Apollo Black Box
Apollo Black Box for Intelligent Vehicles is a product suite that includes both hardware and software
Safe Storage Hardware
It can be easily integrated with intelligent vehicles to provide safe storage of large data sets through data compression, encryption processing and rapid transmission.
Data Reader Software
The data can be decrypted and read with a user-friendly interface. Through this, the data can be easily accessed to trace the root causes of events and improve product quality.
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